Video Chatting Test on Android TV Stick MK919

MK919 with external USB Camera副本

It will be nice if we can have a video chat on the big TV screen with our friends or family. Android TV Stick makes it possible to chat online via Skype with ease. TV Stick MK919 has built-in microphone, but without camera. So we need to get a USB external camera firstly. MK814 has a built-in 2.0MP camera and it also supports video chatting on Skype. 1. Connect USB … Read More →

TAC59 Air Mouse with Customized Language


Android PC supports most of the current languages all over the world.  When you want to enter or type something, you can use the soft keyboard, USB Keyboard, Bluetooth keyboard or air mouse. MiniAndroidPC offers customized keyboard design and production services for TAC59 Air Mouse. Now default version is English.  We can also produce customized Russian, Arabic, French, Korean, Persian etc keyboard. Take Persian language for example, there are English … Read More →

New Upgraded TAC59 air Mouse with Touch Pad


New TAC59 air mouse is available in  We upgrade the track ball to sensitive touch pad.  On the right of touch pad, you can scroll up or down the screen at ease. Besides, there are separate Enter button and Return Button. It is ideal for Android Mini PC.  

How to Control Android Mini PC Remotely

Here are several ways to control your TV wirelessly that installed Android mini PC. 1. USB Mouse and Keyboard Connect the mouse and keyboard to Android mini PC via USB cable. Cons: There are too many wires.  The distance to TV is too close. Pros: It is nice to read news online in this way. 2. 2.4G Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Plug in USB receiver to Android PC and it … Read More →

How to Stream to TV

How to Scream Phone Screen to Big TV Screen

You probably have a lot of media on your small-screen smart phones that you’d love to enjoy on your big-screen HDTV such as holiday photos, interesting news, app games and so on.  WiDi, Miracast and AirPlay technologies makes it possible. WiDi is short for Wireless Display technology. It enables users to stream photos, music, videos and apps wirelessly from a compatible PC to a compatible HDTV. Miracast is a form … Read More →

Android TV Box SWCX818 VS MK4412

Android TV Box MK4412 vs SWCX818

Below are the comparation of Android TV Box SWCX818 and MK4412.  SWCX818 is multi-fuctional and comes with many functions, like Microphone, Ethernet port, 3.5mm AV output, Airplay etc. MK4412 features for its powerful CUP GPU and 2G RAM 16 ROM.

Comparation of Mini Android PC

Comparation of Mini Android Stick

We launched the first mini Android PC MK802 in March of 2012. Now the android stick is becoming faster, more powerful and stable. It is not just a cool gadget, but a practical device to make your TV smart.  Let’s take a look at below figure.

Latest V4.2.2 Firmware for MK814 Mini PC

MK814 is the first quad-core mini pc which is build-in 2mp camera and microphone.  Its a great choice for live chat fans. The quad-core RK3188 CPU gives MK814 mini pc a great performance. Antutu tested scores of MK814 Android mini pc is up to 15723.   MK814 mini pc uses V4.2.2 Android system.  If you need the scripts of V4.2.2 firmware please feel free to contact us.

Latest Firmware V4.2.2 for MK812 Mini Android PC


We are glad to release the latest firmware for MK812 Mini Android PC.  The updated firmware is Android V4.2.2 system. Build-in most of the updated functions available in 4.2.2 OS.  The latest firmware has below advantages compare with last V4.2.1 and V4.1.1 firmwares:   Fixed crush bugs while open Skype / Google / Facebook etc. Fix bug while hide bottom bar. While open any Apps, the hide bar is available … Read More →

Special Price $65 – WiFi Display Dongle Adaptor

We are glad to release the special promotion price for the WiFi Display Dongle Adaptor. The special price is US$65 per piece. If order more, unit price is even lower than US$65.   The WiFi Display Dongle Adaptor was designed to share multiple medias from smartphone, tablet even computer to TV or projector.  If terminals are intergrated the Miracast function, users could also mirror the screens from smartphone or tablet or … Read More →